Monday, September 1, 2014

New work

It's been a long time since I published any new work online.  Too long.  Even so, I'm hesitant to announce "I'm back."  That would be the equivalent, in my mind, of saying I'll be able to keep up a steady stream of fiction, the way I did before, which would be ideal but maybe not realistic.  It's superstition, to some degree, that keeps me from saying this:  the old warning about how if you speak your wish aloud, then it won't come true.  But it's mainly concern that, regardless of desire, I just won't be able to produce as much as I used to. The words have been slow in coming for me lately, and it seems I have to fight harder to grab hold of those words that do come; I can only wonder what that portends.  Which is why I think I'll just be grateful that I have a couple of new stories to share, and hopeful that even more new stories on the way.  "Wake Up!" is the tale of a man's terrifying car ride through the dead of night, and is available at Fictionpress and Wattpad.  "Give Me Your Best Smile" is about a fading actress who'll do anything to retain her beauty and vitality; likewise available at Wattpad and Fictionpress.  Happy Labor Day and best wishes to all of you students returning to school.